Consumer consciousness in personal identity

With the development of social media, consumers have a great number of channels to learn about new things globally and tend to choose fashion products based on personal identity. Even buying the same products, more and more consumers prefer to make personalized symbols or signs. Personalization with high added value in fashion is becoming popular in the mass customized market.

Dynamic changes in lifestyles

Dissimilar lifestyles attract different groups of people, and relevant product consumption varies. Taking sports as an example, sportswear has been subdivided into many categories, to fit for the activities including but not limited to football, basketball, baseball, swimming, cycling, running etc. The popularity of outdoor activities also boosts the market for functional fashion products. The high value added product has gradually become a consumer trend, as discussed in the Study Report.

Digitalization in fashion

Digitalization has been well developed in many industries, and it has also become the most import factor in daily life. These factors are now driving the development of digitalization in the fashion industry. Digitalization will make it realistic for personally designed fashion and other high value added products.

Quality and safety

More and more consumers focus on product quality, safety and even functionality. High value added products with high quality and safety standards as well as various functions have become a growing trend in the mass market, especially in the more developed economies.