2.4.2 Personalized fashion

Thanks to the digital and technological advances, personalization is no longer a VIP only service in luxury fashion. Nowadays, a personalized product can be simply created online or in brick-and-mortar stores with big labels, small-medium sized brands and even startups. For example, Burberry offers monogramming for a special selection of Read more… Conductive polymer materials applications

Having electrical conductivity is often a prerequisite for many smart and intelligent textiles with high demands in antistatic applications, sensing, data transfer, monitoring, corrosion protection and electromagnetic interference shielding. For electromagnetic factor shielding, metal coated or electro-conductive polymers coated textiles have been adopted for surface reflection and adsorption. Such materials Read more…

1.3.4 Development work

Based on the market drivers and involved technologies for corresponding product and service, the following prioritized developmental work is recommended: Personalized fashion Functional products Digitally enabled M2C model New retail technologies Functional textile testing and standards Digitalized supply chain infrastructure

1.3.3 Technology

To provide the above-mentioned products and service, the following technologies are recommended, including functional materials digitization new business models e-retailing testing and standards micro infrastructure network Technologies for functional materials will help the development of high value added products with different functions as well as testing and certification. Digitalization will Read more…