To provide the above-mentioned products and service, the following technologies are recommended, including

  1. functional materials
  2. digitization
  3. new business models
  4. e-retailing
  5. testing and standards
  6. micro infrastructure network

Technologies for functional materials will help the development of high value added products with different functions as well as testing and certification. Digitalization will enhance the development of personalized fashion through user-friendly interfaces for personal design and requirements, as well as automation development in smart manufacturing. New business models can provide new service methods, for example, consumers can place online personalized orders directly to the manufacturers and receive the products through home delivery service. Retail technologies, such as big data analytics, e-commerce, virtual reality and Internet of Things, will improve current consumption patterns and make personal and functional fashion more efficient and affordable. Technologies in testing and standards will enhance the quality and safety of the products. Development of a closer micro infrastructure network, such as IT platforms and digital supply chain, will support the Hong Kong fashion industry to play an important role in the high value added market.