This report identifies the promising directions for the technology and advanced material developments to enable new-comers and SMEs of the local textile and fashion industry to continue playing a major role in the future re-industrialization in the HK economy, which is critically important for the sustainable development of the Hong Kong SME and the society at large. Section 1 summarizes the current situation of Hong Kong manufacturing. Section 2 defines the global technology trends. Section 3 highlights the global trend of sustainability. In Section 4, a far-sighted outlook of Hong Kong fashion industry is concluded through a SWOT analysis to the identification of promising technology for manufacturing and retail opportunities.

The information was collated by desktop research on the existing data of various worldwide latest technology and advanced materials in the textile and fashion industry and the global market. In-depth interviews were conducted with leaders in both the local and global industrial and academic circles. Using SWOT analysis, the opportunities for Hong Kong SMEs to apply innovative technology are identified for formulating a roadmap for future re-industrialization of the Hong Kong fashion industry.

To upgrade SMEs’ products and production processes, and to build their confidence in the financial payback of the investment, they need a high-quality technology roadmap to steer the direction of adopting suitable technologies in the innovation chain and to develop new product and service in the supply chain that meet the market needs of the changing macro & microenvironment.