The term fashion industry used in this report covers the entire supply chain of fashion products. It includes the manufacture of textiles, clothing and allied products from the fiber stage, through production to the distribution phase. In the Hong Kong context, fashion industry comprises companies in the manufacture, trading, testing, and retail of textile, clothing, fur and footwear products1. More details can be referred to the Specification of Competency Standards (SCS) for the fashion industry, which has been developed by the Fashion Industry Training Advisory Committee in 2018 with reference to Qualifications Framework2.

The term fashion products used in this report refers to the textiles, clothing and allied products.

Re-industrialization is a process of organizing all possible resources and using high technologies to revitalize and modernize traditional manufacturing industries, re-establish advanced and high value added segments, encourage the growth of new industries, and create a novel business system in Hong Kong3 4.

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