Company H is a Hong Kong based apparel manufacturer with factories in Mainland China. Facing the stringent policy for environmental protection, the company has taken different actions to establish a resource-efficient business model. For energy conservation, it has implemented photovoltaic power generation for clean electricity, introduced a recycle project for dyeing wastewater and use recycled water for dying for the second time, and developed new machinery for eco-washing. In processing from raw materials to final production, the company has also improved traditional methods and gained eco-friendly certificates; for example, better farming and crop practice, using eco-friendly dyes and waterless dyeing, and computing-controlled cut and made to reduce textile wastes etc. The process flow is illustrated as follows:

Company H has upgraded its factories from each sector within the entire manufacturing supply chain, they have been rewarded handsomely of saved costs in energy, water and textile waste etc. It has developed a blueprint for resource-efficient production for the fashion industry.