Environment protection policy and rules

More and more countries and regions are paying attention to environmental protection and publishing a more stringent policy or regulations for industries. As recognized one of the more polluted industries, fashion manufacturers face the dilemma of an upgrade. The concept of circular economy and resource efficiency has now become the most important consideration for fashion manufacturing.

Sustainability strategy

To satisfy different market demands, sustainability has recently become one of the most popular marketing strategies. Besides saving manufacturing costs, circular economy and resource efficiency have also been taken as an important investment in product and brand values.

Consumer awareness

A growing consuming population attaches importance to sustainability, especially among the millennials. The consumer awareness of circularity and carbon footprints makes brands and manufacturers to pay more attention to relevant aspects in manufacturing processes.

Certification and standards

Considering the safety of fashion products, certification and standards for recycled materials, reuse products and other recycling textiles are urgently needed. It is essential to establish a system connecting international or regional standards to enhance the reputation of the Hong Kong fashion industry of the global sustainability sourcing hub.