To realize these products and service, six key technologies have been recommended, including:

  1. processing
  2. automation and robotics
  3. digitization
  4. e-retailing
  5. new business model
  6. micro infrastructure network

Advanced processing, automation and robotics technology can enhance the transformation from traditional processes to automated manufacturing. Digitization-related technologies facilitate the development of 3D design and modelling software, through which automated manufacturing can be truly realized from order management to design and production. Retail technologies, including but not limited to big data analytics, augmented reality, virtual reality, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, blockchain, will enhance the service of 3D design and modelling as well as the disruptive development of retail in the future. New business model using the latest technologies will go off the beaten track and facilitate the future development of retail technology and digitalized supply chain management. By adopting a closer micro infrastructure network, such as IT platforms, digital supply chain mechanism and co-working spaces, the development of digitalized supply chain management of the fashion industry will significantly be promoted.