Company C is a Hong Kong based manufacturer for denim products with factories in mainland China and Southeast Asia. Like many traditional Hong Kong manufacturers, it focuses on high-quality production and social responsibility and is good at global sourcing and supply chain management at the same time. Facing the changing industry and dynamic market, the company has taken some effective actions to adjust its business model.

First of all, it adapted itself to the new market demand as a co-creation manufacturer and has heavily invested in technologies from fabric development, fashion trends, washing technique development, embellishment of new innovations in design, manufacturing and management. For example, it has adopted smart technologies for denim 3D whiskers, with automated arms and programs to replace the traditional manual whiskering process and reduce usage of a chemical catalyst. On the other hand, it has applied RFID to track from raw materials to final products, which enabled the digitization of manufacturing. It also has introduced AI-controlled automation system to enhance the production efficiency in Southeast Asian factories, as well as 3D simulation design software and cloud database to shorten the lead time from design, prototype making to manufacturing. As introduced by the manager, the company has set Hong Kong as design and product development center, Mainland China as a production center for high quality and complicated process, and Southeast Asian as an automated mass production center. Nowadays, it has become practical to take advantages of different resources in different locations and manage various centers with new technologies in data management and automation. Besides, the company has launched its e-commerce business through various channels. For example, thanks to its high quality and fashionable products, it won the opportunities to cooperate with some famous online subscription service or personalization clothing box providers. It is also trying to build up a brand in main e-commerce platforms, like Amazon, T-Mall and other fashion buyer websites.