Company B has been a sales agent of textile machinery for several decades. It offers the world leading textile machinery in different brands to Mainland China and Hong Kong markets. With a deep understanding of updated textile technology, this company started to expand its business to product development, digitized manufacturing and technology support.

Manufacturers bought new textile machines to upgrade their manufacturing lines or to develop new products. However, workers sometimes just learnt some basic techniques to operate the machines, and which led many manufacturers facing the dilemma for production due to different raw material characteristics or special processing methods. With the strength of its in-depth textile technology and advanced machinery knowledge, the company collaborates with a number of brands to design and develop new products with innovative fabrications or materials as well as digitalized manufacturing methods. It takes responsibility for small-scale manufacturing and develops corresponding software and computing system to make the production process automated. Providing the whole set of machinery and supporting technologies, it resigns the manufacturers for large-scale manufacturing. The business model is illustrated as follows.

The development of the company has performed an important role in introducing automation and digitization to the traditional textile manufacturing industry. Taking advantage of knowledge and techniques of new textile machinery, it participates in the digitized manufacturing in small scale and provides practical and efficient technical support for mass manufacturing in large factories, through which it has urged the change of production process of new products and facilitated the new machinery application for the manufacturers.